Tuesday, February 07, 2006

4 Months

Kenli is four months old alread. She is such a happy baby she has a smile for everyone especially her daddy. She loves to watch Braydon be silly and he is so proud when she smiles for him. She is just such a joy and we love her so much!


Braydon just loves his cousins. Cameron is the closest to him in age and they are great friends. I caught the two of them in the chair together playing a video game. I can't wait to show them this picture when they are older. Too Cute!!

Sweet Hands and Feet

We just can't resist taking pictures of those cute little feet. One is with mommy's hands and the other is with daddy's hand. Braydon wanted to see who's foot was bigger so I snapped a super sweet picture of their feet while they were measuring.

Three months

Kenli Lynn on the day she turned three months old. Too cute with daddy!

My Guys

Uncle Kelly gave Brandon and Braydon these shirts and they say it all! I just Love my guys so much!

Christmas Again

Granny and Uncle Kelly did not get to come and celebrate Christmas with us until January. Braydon could not wait to see Granny. Just like Christmas Braydon and Kenli were spoiled rotten. Uncle Kelly gave Braydon some hermit crabs that he loves. We had so much fun watching his reaction to all the presents that he got. I caught such a sweet picture of Granpa and Kenli she was so happy watching everyone open presents.

FINALLY Christmas Day!

Kenli's first Christmas was extra special. We were so glad that Braydon made it onto Santa's Nice List and that Santa found us. He brought Braydon a new bike we are still trying to figure out how he got it in his sled. Santa brought Kenli a new bouncy seat and she loves it! Santa even ate the cookies and milk Braydon left him and the stockings were all full too!! After we opened all the presents under the tree there was one more surprise that Brandon had just for Braydon. A new puppy!! Braydon decided to name her Abby and she is such a mess! We had such a great Christmas with family, friends and too many presents! We are so thankful to everyone who helped make this Christmas extra Merry.

Getting Ready and Waiting Patiently

Kenli helped me do some wrapping and she really liked it. She was all smiles to be in the middle of everything. Braydon just loves to play Candy Land and there were countless Candy Land matches trying to pass the time until Christmas Day. Uncle Kenny and Braydon battled back and forth each cheering for the other to draw the "Plum". It was so fun to have Uncle Kenny stay with us during the Holidays.


The kids got to sit on Santa's lap at the town lighting. Braydon asked Santa for a Nintendo video game. Kenli was so bundled up she looked like a little pink Eskimo.