Sunday, April 05, 2009

Braydon is 7!

Today Braydon turned 7! I can't believe how fast he is growing up. He is such a sweet boy with a tender heart. He loves all sports and is very active. He is a competitive little boy and does not like to lose. Usually he is a good sport. He loves to pester his baby sister and make her scream. Right now he is a little afraid of the dark and sends Kenli into dark rooms to turn on the light - we crack up at him! He LOVES to ride his quad and motorcycle. He loves the sand dunes SO much. We got him a bigger quad for his birthday since his little quad is too small for the dunes. Now he is all set for a while - I hope. We let him invite a few friends to see Monsters vs. Aliens for his party. He chose Emma (a girl from his class) and his two cousins Jarret and Cameron. Brandon took them to the movie and out for pizza. They really had a fun time. This morning we invited my parents and my aunt and Brandon's Dad and Connie over for Birthday donuts. We didn't tell Braydon and I think that he was a little suprised. We love you Braydon!

The Girls at Glamis

Here I am with my girls, Stacy and Star. I am so lucky to have such fun girlfriends!

Rip It Up!

We took Braydon's Motorcycle this time to the dunes. He had a hard time keeping it up in the sand but he did a great job! This is him after hours of riding. He was totally sweaty but loved every second of it! He is such a fun kid.

Time to ride!!

Braydon could not wait to get riding. We could hardly get him off the quad to sleep! The kids did great riding. We set up a little track in camp for them to ride around and also let them ride the little dunes close to camp. We also took a few long rides over to Oldsmobile Hill. The kids and a few adults followed the truck over. The big boys had a blast racing up Olds!!

Sand Fun

The kids had such a great time playing in the sand. They dug a huge hole and put Braydon in it. They also each dug a hole around the campfire and made themselves recliners. They had sand everywhere but they had a BLAST!


We all had so much fun on our family trip to Glamis. We traveled down with the Chlarson's and met up with Dustin and Nick. Grandpa and Grandma went with us and the Ward's came the next day. The kids all had so much fun! Here is Grandpa and Grandma chillin' in camp, and here they are getting ready to go rip it up in the dunes - yeah Grandma was not exactly ripping it up but they had a great time!