Saturday, April 08, 2006

Six Months

Here is Kenli getting some kisses from granny. She is now six months old. While we were in Prescott visiting she started saying da-da-da. It is so cute and Brandon is so proud.

Height Requirement

We put Kenli in the high chair, Brandon does not think she meets height requirement. She loves baby food and thinks that she is big enough to eat anything she can get in her mouth. She gets super excited when we get the sippy cup out and let her drink water out of it. She kicks her legs and flaps her arms in excitement.


We had 16 inches of snow but Braydon's favorite thing was the icicles on the roof of the house. We went sledding with the cousins and it was so much fun.

Five Months

Five months has just flown by. Kenli is starting to roll over and she is full of smiles.