Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Baseball Season

It is already basebally season and this year Braydon just happened to get on the same team as his cousins. I guess it helps if your mom is on the little league board! How did I get volunteered for the board anyhow? No I am glad to do it and help out. It is making our schedules super busy but we are managing. Brandon is preparing the fields and I think he enjoys getting outside everyday and it is a break from us! This year Braydon is playing machine pitch. So far he loves it!

Braydon is 6

Wow I can't believe that Braydon is 6 already. He is getting so big. He is such a sweet kid, he really has his own ideas about how things should be done. He is a funny boy who loves to joke and be the center of attention. This year was his first friend party. At first he wanted a pinata but then decided that he would rather buy huge jaw breakers for each of the kids at the party (I am sure the parents really loved us!) he was so excited. Braydon picked the games and wanted to play tug of war. At first we divided the kids up and let them tug with each other then we put all the kids on one side and Brandon on the other. Brandon thought that he could easily beat all the little kids but was surprised when he was drug across the line. I laughed so hard. The kids LOVED it they were so proud of themselves. Then Brandon got Rufus to team up with him to beat the kids...so they thought. Those kids pulled both of them across the line, it was great! Everyone had a great time and Braydon got lots of nice gifts.

Getting Ready For The Dunes

Brandon was trying to get his quad ready for the dunes. Kenli thought he needed some help. She is so helpful! The problem is that she is so cute you can't resist letting her try.